We sell and repair antique clocks and we are located in Madison, Connecticut.

We have been at the same location in Madison since 1981, although in 1996 we moved the showroom and workshop into a restored nineteenth century barn.

We run a small and personal operation. There are only two people who work for us on a full time basis: Kirt Crump, the owner of the business and authority on antique clocks, and Mark Dudley, who performs the majority of the repairs and has been with us since 1986, although his horology apprenticeship started in 1974.

Kirt Crump started repairing clocks in his spare time in 1974 in the town of Northford, Connecticut, and in 1977, he began working with clocks full time. He trained in England at the British Horological Institute and achieved "Craft Member" status.

We have over 250 antique clocks in our inventory. Our clocks are mainly American, specifically from the New England area, but we also sell European pieces. Our area of specialty is 200-year-old antique clocks of which we have an unparalleled collection.

We are always interested in purchasing fine antique clocks.

The only new clocks we sell are made by Chelsea. Chelsea clocks are the only American clocks still "Made in America" and the only new clocks currently being manufactured that we consider of high enough quality for us to stand behind.

We accept cash, personal check, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

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