We specialize in the repair and restoration of antique tall case clock movements. However, we perform work on all types of antique clocks and timepieces.

An antique clock can literally run forever with the proper care and attention. It is advisable, as a preventative measure, to have a clock movement checked and lubricated every three to five years. Most antique clocks will run for a long time without any lubrication or adjustment, but unfortunately in these cases when the clock does stop the repair can be extensive and quite costly.

Our workshop is located above the showroom, on the second and third floor of our barn.

We have an extremely well-equipped workshop incorporating the hand and power tools required to re-fabricate broken or missing clock parts to the original specification and style. All replacement parts produced in the shop are made using only English clock brass and silver steel.

We pride ourselves on being able to restore any clock to excellent working order no matter how poor its current condition. In the past, we restored an English regulator that was the victim of a hurricane in St. Croix. The wall holding the clock blew down, and the clock spent several days submerged in salt water. Despite heavy rusting and some broken parts, we patiently restored the clock to its pre-hurricane condition.

Major movement repairs have to take place in the workshop and we may need your clock for several months. We will collect and return a tall case clock to your home when necessary.

We provide home service calls throughout Connecticut (and often beyond).

We do not repair or sell any anniversary clocks, 400-day clocks, or cuckoo clocks.

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